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Funky Time Necklaces


Funky Time Necklaces

A different look, creatively combining metal and Swarovski crystals for a bit of sparkle, the Funky Time necklaces are created in silver tones, gold tones, or a combination, with no two alike.  Also available in copper (not shown).

Styles range from vintage to contemporary.  These necklaces transition from jeans to more formal evening wear.  Many of my clients buy one of each.  Choice of barrel clasp or toggle clasp. 

Selection of Funky Time Gold Tone Necklaces

Selection of Funky Time Silver Tone Necklaces

Gold Tone Vintage Style

Silver Tone Contemporary Style

Two-tone Contemporary Style with Silver Accents

Gold Tone Contemporary Style

Silver Tone Vintage Style

For a retailer near you or for further information, contact:

Custom Bead Design, Repair and Enhancement
Naples, Florida

Tel: 239-596-8910

Email: donna@donnacarty.com

Website: www.donnacarty.com

Photos courtesy of Alan Buchholz

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